Diplo works with numerous partners on delivering training programmes, capacity development, research projects, and raising awareness. We are always interested in establishing new partnerships, especially in the fields of digital policy and diplomacy training. 

Our current and recent partners include:

Featured partnerships

Future plans

While continuing to develop and expand our capacity development professional courses and training programmes, we are also conducting cutting-edge research into technology and policy.

Diplo’s plans include:

  • Continuing to seek new capacity development initiatives in the fields of Internet governance, cybersecurity, and related fields
  • Developing new online courses on topical issues together with various partner organisations
  • Conducting comprehensive global research on public perception of diplomacy and other important and emerging topics
  • Further development of tools and techniques for e-participation in global governance

For additional information, please, contact Dr Tereza Horejsova, Director of Projects and Partnerships, at terezah@diplomacy.edu.


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