Jovan Kurbalija, Katharina Höne
2021, DiploFoundation
Digital version, 12 pages
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While digital tools, in particular social media, have been gradually introduced to the practice of diplomacy, many open questions remain regarding the impact of digitisation on foreign policy and the environment in which diplomacy is practised. This is where digital foreign policy becomes important. 

This paper by DiploFoudation and the Geneva Internet Platform uses five main questions to reflect on digital foreign policy:

  • Why? Promoting national interests in the era of digital interdependence
  • What? Key digital policy issues
  • Who? Governments, tech companies, and civil society
  • Where? Multilateral and new business policy venues
  • How? A mix of tradition and innovation in diplomatic practice

The report is available for download.

The summary and recordings of the online conference 2021: The emergence of digital foreign policy are also available.