Kishan S. Rana
2004, DiploFoundation
Paperback, 258 pages
ISBN 99909-55-18-2
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This book comprehensively examines the institution of the ambassador, a prime constituent of the international system, in terms of contemporary relevance, responsibilities and potential. Noted diplomacy scholar G.R. Berridge (Emeritus Professor, University of Leicester) has called it 'fluent, lively, comprehensive, in parts original, and above all sage'. Jan Melissen (Director of Training, Netherlands Institute of International Relations, Clingendael) says: 'The book is highly recommended to practitioners. it's main purpose is to optimize the role of the ambassador in a globalised world.' The book is based on the author's professional diplomatic experience of 35 years, and scholarship of the academic literature.


  1. The Transformed Plenipotentiary
  2. Ritual and Form
  3. Partners and Techniques
  4. The Multilateral Ambassador
  5. The Domestic Dimension
  6. Leadership in the Embassy
  7. Human Resources
  8. The Future

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