Kishan S. Rana
2002, DiploProjects, Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Malta
Paperback, 283 pages
ISBN 99909-55-16-6
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Bilateral Diplomacy is the first of the DiploHandbooks, a new series on practical diplomacy. The book breaks new ground in the role ascribed to bilateral diplomacy, and its importance in international affairs today. It also covers the de facto “empowerment” of the embassy that flows from its new responsibility for relationship management.

The book addresses three themes:

  1. Purposes. Principal bilateral diplomacy functions are presented as: promotion, outreach, feedback, management and servicing. These are examined in relation to political diplomacy, the security dimension of diplomacy, economic diplomacy, and all the other work areas such as culture, media, education, science and technology, consular affairs and the new dimensions of “public diplomacy”.
  2. Institutions. The principal among these are: the foreign ministry, the embassy and the consulate general, joint commissions and other groups, and bilateral summits between leaders.
  3. Methods. The skills and techniques cover diplomatic reports and documents, bilateral negotiation, cross-cultural communication, diplomatic signaling, and finally performance enhancement aimed at optimizing the entire system.
  4. The book is aimed at students of diplomacy, trainees at diplomatic academies, and young professional diplomats keen to broaden their practical skills. It is expected to be of interest to students of international relations, offering a bridge between the theory and practice of diplomacy.


  1. A Framework for Relations
  2. Building Political Relations
  3. Security and Diplomacy
  4. Economics and Diplomacy
  5. Trade, Investments, Aid and Technology
  6. Culture, the Media, Education, Science and Technology
  7. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  8. The Embassy and Consulates
  9. Joint Commissions and Other Groups
  10. Bilateral Summits
  11. Diplomatic Reports
  12. Cross-Cultural Sensitivity
  13. Diplomatic Signalling
  14. Bilateral Negotiation
  15. Performance Enhancement
  16. Future Trends

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