Igor Nuk and Michal Olejarnik
2002, DiploProjects, Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Malta
Paperback, 152 pages
ISBN 99909-55-17-4
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Building.org walks the reader through the decision-making process involved in creating a website: Should development of the website be outsourced or done in-house? What staff should be hired? How should the project be managed, and which department should be in charge? Building.org introduces the reader to each step, from defining goals to choosing the right technology, working with content, and obtaining and analysing user feedback.


  1. Where does the website belong?
  2. Defining goals and priorities
  3. Key factors for success
  4. Getting the rights skills on board
  5. System architecture
  6. Concept and corporate image
  7. Managing the website
  8. Evaluating your success
  9. A success story

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