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2011, DiploFoundation
Paperback, 124 pages
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Emerging leaders, whose stories feature in this publication, are among 501 participants from 60 ACP countries who participated in the Capacity Development programme in ICT Policy and Internet Governance for Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) 2010/2011. The main focus of the programme was on capacity development for regional and sub-regional institutions involved in Internet governance and ICT Policy. It was based on Diplo’s capacity development methodology consisting of three main components: training, policy research and policy immersion .

These emerging leaders, supported by Diplo, managed to initiate regional IG forums; organise online debates on .Africa Internet Top Level Domain; drive further training and education in St Kitts and Nevis and around the Pacific; and reach out to government officials and get their support. We believe that it is these emerging leaders who will drive the economy and the development of their regions by the meaningful usage of ICT and the Internet. There are many more emerging leaders we need to identify and empower. In the meantime, we need to continue to support these 19 in their endeavours. These are their stories.
  1. FULL TEXT: Emerging Leaders for the Digital World
  2. Sheba Mohammid from Trinidad and Tobago re-imagines the future
  3. Arlene Buckmire-Outram from Grenada seeks to marry education with ICT
  4. Duksh Kumar Koonjoobeeharry from Mauritius believes in the power of personal contribution
  5. Lenandlar Singh from Guyana talks about incorporating Internet governance issues into teaching
  6. Shareeni Kala from Fiji makes the link between Internet governance and e-learning
  7. Dalsie Greenrose Kalna Baniala from Vanuatu is raising awareness of Internet governance issues
  8. Sam Goundar from Fiji is working to develop awareness of Internet governance issues
  9. Valmikki Singh from Guyana emphasises the need for Internet governance regimes and representation
  10. Zoniaina Fitahiana Rakotomalala from Madagascar is bridging the digital divide
  11. Angelic Caroline Alihusain-del Castilho from Suriname breaks through the barriers of development
  12. Anju Mangal from Fiji defines development in the context of current realities
  13. Eliot Nsega from Uganda faces the challenges of an Africa-wide ICT strategy
  14. Maduka Attamah from Nigeria is working to strengthen the region’s participation in the continued evolution of the Internet and its applications
  15. Michele Marius in Jamaica ponders the impact of development on a society
  16. Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro from Fiji is on the lookout for ways to strengthen regional capacity in internet governance
  17. Felix Samakande from Zimbabwe broadens his diplomatic bandwidth
  18. Gaongalelwe-Gaolaolwe Mosweu from Botswana fulfils a promise
  19. Judith Okite from Kenya opens her eyes to opportunity
  20. Tracy Hackshaw from Trinidad and Tobago shares what his mother taught him