Compiled by DiploFoundation
2019, DiploFoundation
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The 2019 edition of the Internet governance Acronym Glossary, compiled by DiploFoundation, contains explanations of over 150 acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations used in IG parlance. In addition to the complete term, most entries include a concise explanation and a link for further information.

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Previous editions:

Version 2.0 - English (PDF/online version), Spanish (PDF/online version)
Version 1.0 - English (PDF/online version)

Examples of acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations included in the Glossary:

Internet Protocol version 6

  • The sixth version of the Internet protocol, which uses 128-bit addresses, increasing the number of available IP addresses to an extremely large, though still finite number (IPv6 allows approximately 340 trillion trillion trillion of IP addresses, compared to IPv4, which uses 32-bit addresses. IPv4 has approximately 4.3 billion addresses).

Association for Progressive Communications

  • One of the oldest civil society organisations on Internet issues aimed at promoting access to free and open Internet, empowering users through ICT. In December 2010, APC had 50 members in 35 countries, the majority from developing countries.

Hard copies of the glossary are available in the form of a small booklet, for distribution at conferences and events. For more information, please contact: