Edited by Jovan Kurbalija
2002, DiploPublishing
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Knowledge and Diplomacy presents papers on knowledge and knowledge management from the January 1999 Conference on Knowledge and Diplomacy in Malta. The papers in this book, examining the topic from a variety of backgrounds, academic interests and orientations, reflect the multidisciplinary character of knowledge management. This publication is only available online.


About this Publication
  1. Preface - Jovan Kurbalija
  2. Knowledge Management in Diplomacy - Jovan Kurbalija
  3. Knowledge Management and International Development: The Role of Diplomacy - Walter Fust
  4. The Role of Knowledge in the Cyber-Age of Globalisation - Richard Falk
  5. Wilton Park: Sui Generis Knowledge Organisation - Colin Jennings
  6. Historical Diplomacy: Foreign Ministries and the Management of the Past - Keith Hamilton
  7. How Do You Know What You Think You Know? - J. Thomas Converse
  8. Beyond Diplomatic - The Unravelling of History - Robin Alston
  9. Knowledge Management: Experience from International Organisations - John Pace
  10. Knowledge Management and Change in International Organisations: Learning from the Private Sector - John Harper and Jennifer Cassingena Harper
  11. Knowledge Management and Diplomatic Training: New Approaches for Training Institutions - Dietrich Kappeler
  12. Knowledge and Diplomacy - Alex Sceberras Trigona
  13. Knowledge Management in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta - Gaetan Naudi
  14. Leaders’ Rhetoric and Preventive Diplomacy: Issues We Are Ignorant About - Drazen Pehar
  15. Ivo Andric on Diplomacy

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