Amr Aljowaily
2020, Belgrade: PLUS Klub
Non-Aligned Movement from Belgrade 1989 to Baku 2019: 30 Years of Transformation in Uncertain Times, pp. 24–30.
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The objective of this chapter is to highlight lessons learned, promote best practices, and carry takeaways that are useful for other levels of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), or even other forums. The key to effectiveness for group work, including on the multilateral level, remains clear working dynamics, efficient management, cohesive ‘professional’ culture fortified by intensive interaction geared towards common goals that are set through a participatory and intellectually rigorous process of harmonisation divergences, and ensuring genuine collective ownership.

The chapter argues that these concepts, that may appear complex in this wording, are in fact simple to apply. They are arguably best demonstrated at the collegiate level of delegates attending as experts on the subject matter. However, they can also be emulated at higher levels, if the same approach is followed. In such an instant, the ‘working-level’ NAM may make the whole forum ‘working’ best to achieve its ideals, which are most needed in today’s world and in the current state of multilateralism.

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