Milan Jazbec
2014, İstanbul Kültür Üniversitesi Yayınevi
Paperback, 413 pages
ISBN-13: 9786054763221
ISBN-10: 6054763229
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The monograph Sociology of Diplomacy: Initial Reading, edited by the Slovenian diplomat and academic Dr Milan Jazbec, combines the theory of the sociology of diplomacy with concrete case studies. The majority of contributors come from Central Europe (the important bridge between Eastern and Western European diplomatic practice), who together provide an important contribution to both diplomatic studies and social science. 

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Introduction to the English Edition
David Criekemans

Introductory Study
Sociology of Diplomacy from an Idea to a Concept
Milan Jazbec

Part One – Theoretical Elaborations

Disposition for a Discourse on the Sociology of Diplomacy
Vladimir Benko

The Sociology of Diplomacy – A Theoretical Contemplation
Vladimir Benko

Defining Special Sociologies
Albin Igličar

Sociology and the Military: Increased Interdependence
Uroš Svete, Jelena Juvan

Diplomacy as a Vocation
Polona Mal

The European Union: A New Type of Diplomatic Actor?
Darja Gruban Ferlež

Diplomat as an Individual and the Structure of the International Community
Tina Vončina

Part Two – Case Studies

Dynamics and Dialectics of the Emergence of the Slovene State and its Diplomacy
France Bučar

Promotion to Ambassador: Characteristics, Trends and Backgrounds in Slovene Diplomacy
Milan Jazbec

Diplomacy and Gender Inequality
Maca Jogan, Milena SteIanović Kajzer, Maja Božović

Australia: Women in Diplomacy
Moreen Dee, Felicity Volk

Social Dependency of Diplomacy: the Portrait of a Diplomat
Diana Digol

Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Protocol and its Social Context)
Janja Rebić Avguštin

In Memoriam: Vladimir Benko – The Ljubljana School of International Relations 
Milan Brglez