is a user-friendly video conferencing platform that allows users to connect to video calls by phone or internet (VoIP).

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 ConfTech, 2020

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Before we start using, we have to navigate to this URL, which will open the following page:

Now you are presented with two of the most important buttons on this page: ‘Get started’ and ‘Join meeting’.

If you want to host your own meeting, you should press ‘Get started’ and if you want to join someone else’s meeting, you should press ‘Join meeting’.

When you click ‘Get started’, you will see a box like the one in the screenshot below:

In the first box, you are required to type in your e-mail address, and in the second one a password of your choice. Before clicking ‘Get started’, you also need to check the box below the password field.

You will then get your personalised link (you can change it if you wish) that you can share with other attendees.

If you are happy with the link, click ‘Next’.

On the next page, you will be presented with two boxes where you need to enter your name and surname, and then click ‘Next’.

The following page is dedicated to your company, and it looks like this:

Add your company name, job title, and the number of employees, then proceed to the next page.

On this page, users can add e-mail addresses of people they wish to invite to the meeting and the invite link will be sent to them.

On the next page, you will be asked to add your phone number.

After you click ‘Next’ or ‘Skip’, you will be prompted to download

When you open the desktop app you will see two options: 


You can either join or start a meeting. You can join a meeting by typing in the code that you were provided by the host in the ‘Enter code’ field.

You can host your own meeting by using a personal code or 1-time code.

The interface of looks like this:

The options from left to right are:

  • Invite a person
  • Audio mode selection
  • Chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Participants
  • Tools

On your icon, you can unmute/mute your microphone and turn on/off your camera.

To leave the meeting, go to Tools> Leave meeting.

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