TeoohTeooh is a social platform that enables creators and communities to engage in virtual live multi-way conversations.


Future of Meetings library
 ConfTech, 2020

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In order to use the platform, users must download and install it on their PCs. The installation of Teooh takes around 25 minutes.


Once the platform has been installed, users can create an event by choosing the exact type of event that they would like to run (e.g. workshop, meet up, big fireside panel, podcast room or a simple venue).


Once the user has decided on the type of event, s/he can designate their virtual venue from the proposed list. The number of participants per virtual venue is also indicated on the list.  The maximum number of participants per venue is set at 100.


After selecting the type of virtual venue, the user can define the time scope of the event as per the two options:

  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE - This event venue will remain open and the user will be able to enter the event any time.
  • SCHEDULED - The user can specify the start date and time of the event. Attendees will not be able to enter the venue before the specified time.

The next stage in the process of organizing a virtual event on Teeoh is the creation of an avatar. Users have the ability to create and style their avatars. Among other things, they can determine the gender, hair color and length, skin color, and clothing of their respective avatar.

It is important to mention that Teooh preserves the look of the created avatar and it remains unchanged so when you create or join another event.  The user, however, has the option to create a new avatar if need be.


Upon the creation of an event, the convener can invite participants by sending an email or link. 


Upon joining the virtual conference room, users have the ability to move the avatar from one chair to another by clicking on the chair where s/he would like to sit.


In the top right corner, there is a camera icon that allows users to by clicking to either take a photo of themselves or a picture of the entire hall with participants. 


The microphone function in the bottom left corner allows users to decide whether their speech will be heard by everyone in the hall or only by the people sitting at the same table.

On the right-hand side, there is a public or private chat feature as well as an event icon where users can find the event code that they can use to invite other participants. Users can also find various emoticons on the lower right side.

On the top left side users can find a menu with audio settings and screen sharing options. In order to share screen, the user has to paste the URL of the content s/he wishes to display on all screens in the virtual conference room.


Inside virtual venues, users can find separate tables for side discussions. The user can click on one of the chairs at the table to move his/her avatar and start a discussion with the participants sitting at that table.


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