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Future of Meetings library
 ConfTech, 2020

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Before creating a meeting, you need to register or log in.


You will be given several options - “Call”, “Schedule a meeting”, and “Add a contact”. To start a meeting, you should click “Schedule meeting”.


To schedule a meeting, add general information about the meeting such as the meeting subject, date, time, duration, and recurrence.


After that, you can invite people to participate in the meeting by adding their respective email addresses.


After adding participants, they should receive an email with a meeting invitation.They must log in to attend the meeting.


During the event

Tixeo offers several options. On the left side of the screen, there are several options such as ’Chat’, ’Share screen’ (participants can share their screen, a YouTube video, or a separate file), and ’Attendees’ (it enables users to regulate the form of the meeting, turn off/on the microphone, turn on/off the camera, and remove someone from the meeting).


The clock shows when the meeting started and when it will end.

The “message” option enables users to send a message to meeting participants. If users wish to send a message, they should first add information about the conversation, such as the name and topic description.


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