WonderWonder is a video communication platform that allows for larger online group gatherings that mirror on-site meetings.

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 ConfTech, 2020

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To use this conference platform, firstly, you will need to click ‘Get a room’.

Then you will be asked to name the room and choose the type of your event.

You can choose from the following options: Conferences and Meetups, Internal Company Events, Networking and Events, Hanging out with family and friends, Workshops and Collaboration, Teaching and Classrooms, Remote Work, Other.

After you choose the event, the next step is to create a room by creating an account. You will then receive a notification that space has been designed and a link that can be shared with other participants. 

After clicking ‘Join Room’, you should allow the use of your microphone and camera by clicking ‘Allow’ on the pop-up video.

You also need to add your name before entering the room. You can take a picture which will appear below your name.

You will receive an e-mail to verify your account.

Once you enter the room, your profile will appear as a circle that you can move across the space to reach out to other participants.

By clicking the circle of another participant, you will be given an option to send a message and invite the participant to the common circle.

By clicking ‘Invite to circle’, an invitation will be sent to another participant who needs to accept it to launch the conversation. It starts as a private conversation, and other participants can be invited to join. There is an option on the upper right corner (lock/unlock the padlock) which allows you to transfer the conversation to the public.

By clicking on the insoles on the upper left corner, you can enlarge the screen.

By clicking on the icon below the ‘padlock’, you will be able to see the participants near you (those belonging to your circle) or all the participants in the room.

The next icon is ‘Chat’ by clicking on which you can send a private message to only one participant, communicate with participants in the circle or address everyone in the room.

The third icon represents the broadcast, which means that the participant can speak to all guests at once by broadcasting. This will pause all group conversations. After initiating the broadcast, all participants will have 10 seconds to get ready. Up to 6 participants can join the broadcast.

By clicking the ‘Settings’ option, we can change personal information such as the name and picture.

Other ‘Settings’ options include audio and video controls (change video input source and change audio input source), host settings that enable users to rename rooms and change the room background (you can also upload a custom image).

The ‘Guest password’ option is used to create a password if you want the event to be private.

With the ‘Icebreaker question’, the host has the opportunity to ask a question and participants’ answers will be visible in the sidebar.

To turn off/on your microphone or camera, click the designated icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also share your screen by clicking the third icon.


It is possible to participate in the conference using a mobile phone and all the options available on the computer are also available on your mobile phone. 


If you wish to leave the event, you can do so by clicking ‘Leave Room’ at the bottom right corner.

If you want to remove a participant from the room, you can do so by going to the participants’ list, clicking on the guest’s avatar disturbing your event, and right next to the name in the chat window you will find the ‘Block User button. Once you confirm the action, the user will be immediately removed and blocked from re-entering the room. 

There can be up to 1000 participants in a room, while there can be only 15 participants in one round.


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